Established in 2001

Since its founding in 2001, Ophit has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of Audio-video products. We serve extremely diverse markets that include medical imaging, broadcasting, manufacturing, pro-AV, corporate, surveillance, teleconferencing, transportation, government, healthcare, and education.

With the successful launch of innovative high-speed fiber optic DVI link solutions, Ophit has expanded to meet the needs of the explosive digital AV connectivity market based on the video standards of DVI, HDMI, SDI, and DisplayPort.

Ophit’s product line consists of video signal converters, splitters, extenders, switchers, multi-viewer, scalers, and matrix switchers. Our global reputation provides consultants, system designers, integrators, and installers in various applications of the AV signal connectivity devices. In terms of a quality policy, Ophit is certified to ISO 9001 for our commitment to the principles of Total Quality Leadership.

As the leading designer and developer of high-quality, cost-effective video processing equipment, Ophit achieves excellence in solutions for your AV signal processing needs. Ophit and our vast network of global partners continue providing complete solutions and technologies, consultation, and service for customers’ specific requirements.

Professional Audio-Video

Audio-Video System Installation

Ophit designs and manufactures components for digital video integration systems. As a global leader in the optical fiber industry, we provid everything you need to build the most reliable video connectivity solution. Our wide range of products consists of every aspect of audio-visual system design. Our Ophit products will improve the reliability and efficiency of your video system!

Fiber Optic Technology for Safety, Security and High-Performance Reliability

Are you looking for the best solution for a long-distance AV transmission system?  Or maybe you are concerned about security issue that arise when carrying sensitive video data? OPHIT is here to help. Our video extension components are made to send various video interfaces such as DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and SDI fiber optic cable up to hundreds or even thousands of meters. 

Fiber optic solutions are ideal for applications that require galvanic isolation and emission-free transmission of AV signals. Because transmission of content over fiber optic cabling is inherently secure and immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), fiber applications are particularly favored in government, military and medical environments.


Ophit’s DSP products, including DVI optic fiber extenders, provide all the advantages of advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance, plus the ability to run over a single fiber up to 300m. The HDCP transmits protected content from devices such as Blu-Ray disc player and PC’s with HDMI output. As an added value, DSP’s detachable module configuration simplifies installation and maintenance. Ophit optical extension solutions can be integrated into your next integration project for optimal quality transmission. 

8K HDMI 2.1 Optical Extender

This unique fiber optical transceiver let your PC, digital UHD monitor extended up to 200 meters (656ft) away from host based on HDMI standard without signal degradation by UHD (3840×2160 or 4096×2160 @60Hz) resolutions. 

Converting and Splitting

Signal conversion technology will be crucial to assembling an integrated AV system when there are multiple sources and displays in the field. Also, the ability to split a signal is essential as well. For example, our DVI and HDMI splitters can transmit one video signal to multiple devices while sustaining signal integrity. Our complete line of conversion products includes mini AD.DA converters and enhanced multi-format converters that handle analog and digital signals, including DVI, VGA, Composite, S-Video, and SDI.


Digital Signage
Command Center
Medical Imaging
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Connecting for a brighter future with Ophit

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