8K Optical Extender HDMI 2.1 (OMP-HM)


OMP-HM is an HDMI 2.1 optical fiber extender that supports real 4k/8k UHD resolution (4096×2160, 7680×4320)

Capable of transmitting high quality 4k/8k resolution up to 100 meters (330 ft) using optical multi-mode fiber (MPO type connecter) without any video signal loss.

Signal:                        HDMI v2.1
Video Bandwidth:    48.0 Gbps
Resolution:                4K/8K UHD (up to 7680×4320)
Distance:                    100M (330 ft)
Connector/Fiber:     HDMI 19 Pin (male)/MPO




OMP-HM is an HDMI 2.1 optical fiber extender that complies with HDMI 2.1 standard and supports real 4K/8K UHD (4096×2160, 7680×4320) resolution. It can transmit high-quality 4K/8K resolution up to 100 meters (330ft) using optical multi-mode fiber(MPO type connector) without any video signal loss.

• High Speed and long-distance transmission by optical fiber
• Compatible with HDMI standard v2.1
• Supports OM3 (or OM4) fiber with 8core MPO type connector
• I2C data and Hot Plug Detection signal is transmitted by optical fiber
• CEC control, EDID, and HDCP
• EMI & Safety: CE, FCC 


Tech Specs:

▪ Input and Output Signal: HDMI v2.1 Standard
▪ Video Bandwidth: 48Gbps
▪ Dimension : 300L x 31W x 16H (mm)
▪ Optical Connector: MPO/MTP type connector (8core)
▪ Electrical Connector: HDMI type A Connector (Female)
▪ Applied Fiber: OM3 or OM4 Multi-mode glass-fiber.
▪ Maximum Supporting Resolution: 4K/8K UHD (up to 7680×4320 @60Hz)
▪ Transmission distance: 100 meters (330 ft)
▪ External Power: 5V / 2A (1.35ø DC JACK)
▪ Power Consumption (transmitter): 0.75W (Typ)
▪ Power Consumption (receiver): 0.95W (Typ)
▪ Operating Temperature Range: 0°C ~ 50°C
▪ Storage Temperature Range: -20°C ~ 70°C