8K-4K Optical Extender Rack Mount 19in (19RM-001)


19″ rack mounting structures, 19RM-001, offers the flexibility to mount up to eight (8) 4k/8k optical extenders. Designed for ease of installation and set up, these rack mount structures allow you to mix and match the transmitter/receiver in the same mount. User is able to simultaneously power the extenders using two built-in AC/DC power supplies.




The 19RM-001 is a 19-inch rack mounting structure that offers the flexibility to mount up to eight(8) 4K Optical Extender, to be installed at the same time. 4K Optical Extenders mounted on the 19RM-001 can be simultaneously powered.
Also, with two built-in AC/DC power supplies, it can reliably supply DC power to 4K Optical Extenders, even if one fails. Up to OPHIT’s eight 4K Optical Extenders (FTDS or FTHS) can be installed, and it is possible to mix and match the transmitter/receiver according to the user’s use. The 19RM-001 can be easily mounted and fixed to a commonly used 19-inch rack using the screw hole on the front part.


▪ 19 inches 2U size (Four screw holes on the front, can be mounted on commercial 19-inch rack)
▪ Dual AC/DC power supply (power sharing)
▪ Up to 8 OPHIT’s 4K Optical Extender (FTDS, FTHS) can be installed.
▪ 8 SC-type optical connectors on the front. (OM3, Up to 200m)
▪ Power state indicates LED x 2 ( Each per AC/DC power supply)
▪ Eight DC cables that can be removed/installed are installed inside.
▪ Eight OM3 cables (22cm) that can be removed/installed are installed inside.


Tech Specs:

• Power Specification
– AC/DC power supply (Each)
– Input
• Voltage Range: 90~264VAC
• Frequency Range: 47~63Hz
• Leakage Current (max): Earth < 130uA/264VAC 
– Output
• DC Voltage : 5V (10A)
• Current Range: 0~11A
• Rated Power: 50W
– Total Power consumption (in case, eight 4K Extender installed)
• Power: 5V DC, Max. 2.2A
• Accessories Specification
– Inside Installed Optical Cable
• OM3, 22cm, 8EA, Can be detachment
– Inside Installed Electric Cable
• Circular type, 15cm, 8EA, Can be detachment
• Dimension : 482.6(W) x 226(D) x 88(H)mm
• Construction Features
– Front : SC Type Jack x 8, LED x 2, Screw hole x 4 
– Back: AC Jack x 2
– Inside : DC Jack x 8, SC Type Jack x 8
• Operating Temperature Range : 0°C ~ +40°C
• Storage Temperature Range : -10℃ to 70℃


Supported Products:

19RM-001 Works With


FTDS                                                                                                                         FTHS


Ordering Information:


• 19RM-001
• Optic Fiber Cable: OM3 1Ch SC 220mm – (8)pcs
• Power cord – (2)pcs
• 3×5 Washer Nickel Screw-(8)pcs
• User’s manual