Multi-Format Universal Video Converter (UVC-S300)


UVC-S300 is a powerful multi-format video converter specifically designed for medical imaging equipment such as endoscopes and ultrasound machines. It can mutually convert analog signals to digital and digital signals to analog. It transmits medical image signals to various video formats of display devices.

Input Connector:     HDMI type A (female)
Output Connector:  – 15pin D-sub (female)
– DVI-I (female)
– S-Video (female)
– 75 Ω BNC (female)
– RCA (female)
Resolution:               1) DVI-D&RGB Analog: XGA, SXGA, 1080p @ 50/60 Hz
2) Composite Video & S-Video: NTSC/PAL




This Universal Video Converter (Model: UVC-S300) is a powerful Multi-Format Video input/output Converter that can convert Digital to Analog. This unit has a digital HDMI port as input formats and Composite (RCA & BNC) / S-Video / D-SUB / DVI as output formats. The input video signal (HDMI) is converted into five (5) output formats as analog Composite (RCA and BNC) / S-Video / D-SUB and one (1) digital DVI output. The unit has a unique function as cropping which is available in the S-Video /composite output formats. The unit is designed with stringent safety requirements such as the medical environment and similarly restricted locations.


• Convert Digital to Analog video signal
• Input format: HDMI
• 5 Output formats: D-Sub, DVI, S-Video, Composite (RCA and BNC)
• 5 Simultaneous Outputs.
– Output of DVI / D-SUB outputs to the same size screen when HDMI Inputs (NO Crop)
• Output of S-video / Composite outputs to downscaling when HDMI
– Input available for 7 types of cropping in S-VIDEO /Composite output using Dip Switch.
• Output of S-video / Composite outputs to downscaling when HDMI
– Inputs available for any cropping position in S-VIDEO /Composite
– output using communication commands from the system’s I2C signal line.
• NTSC/PAL Output is selectable by Dip Switch (S-video / Composite)
• Available for RCA and BNC port output simultaneously as composite output.
• DVI 1.0 Compliant
• EMC & Safety: CE, UL, FCC


Tech Specs:

• Connector :
– Input : HDMI(female) x 1
– Output : DVI 24Pin(female) x 1, D-sub(female) x 1
S-video(female) x 1, Composite(BNC x 1, RCA x 1)
• Supporting Resolution
– Input: 1024×768@50/60Hz
– Output : DVI : 1024×768@50/60Hz, 1280×1024@50/60Hz, 1920×1080@50/60Hz     (Convert and Bypass)
D-Sub: 1024×768@50/60Hz, 1280×1024@50/60Hz, 1920×1080@50/60Hz     (Convert and Bypass)
S-video : NTSC-M or PAL-BGHI (Crop Image)
• Power Consumtion : 9W (Max)
• Power Supply : 100-240 V 50-60Hz, DC 12V, 2.5A
• Dimensions : 200mm(W) x 137mm(D) x 30mm(H), Tolerance: ± 0.1mm
• Operating Temperature Range : 0°C ~ 45°C
• Storage Temperature Range : -10°C ~ 70°C




Ordering Information:

• UVC-S300
• HDMI to HDMI cable (Length: 1.0 m)
• User’s manual

Ordering Information
• UVC-S300